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Wondering if New York Likes Small Business?

New York State operates two websites a small business owner should take a look at because of the wealth of information and links to helpful sites about operating and growing a small business in New York . The links are (the main site with information relating to New York businesses in general) and (specific site related to New York small business issues).

Looking for New York Small Business Specific Information?

Take a look at the IRS website,,id=100203,00.html that collects links to virtually every state agency in New York you will need to consult while operating your small business. This site provides links to municipal agencies as well as state departments/divisions. Of course tax information and tax seminar events in the New York area are also available through the site.

Need Information on OSHA Compliance?

Take a look at OSHA Small Business website, which contains a host of information on compliance programs and other information specifically related to small business.

Wondering if your business is an SME under EU terminology?

The EU articulates a specific definition for SMEs . Take a look at The above link takes you to a booklet that defines SMEs and their importance to the European economy .

Interested in What the Senate Thinks About Small Business?

Both Senate Democrats and Republicans operate websites about issues appearing before the Senate committee on small business and entrepreneurship. The sites post pending legislation and summaries of laws being considered by the committee. Also posted are hearing and round table discussions and documents. The Democratic site is at and the Republican site is at Check out these sites to discover what the senate is doing to assist small business--and may be get involved in the issues being discussed by the committee.

Small Business Essentials

Whether you are starting your business or expanding operations, a great website to explore is the US Small Business Administration (SBA). From guides to logistics to financing, the US SBA website possesses a comprehensive set of descriptive guides to transacting business as a small company.

Information from the Government on Business

Look at to uncover a wide range of information relating to all types of business transactions and US governmental support services available to small businesses.

A Good Source for All Things Relating to International Trade

Looking for specific information on trading in different foreign countries? Explore The Federation of International Trade Associations market research website at FITA's website contains a wealth of preliminary information regarding transacting business in different countries.