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Importing into the US; Made sure to exercise "Reasonable Care"

If your small business is importing goods into the United States check out the US Customs and Broader Protection's Reasonable Care Checklist to help meet your regulatory burden of ensuring reasonable care is exercised when importing merchandise. Also, your small business should look at US Customs and Boarder Protections's Informed Compliance Publications , which detail a number of areas related to import of merchandise and discuss issues concerning specific goods. Some noteworthy Informed Compliance Publications are: Entry (describing getting your small business goods into the US); ABC's of Prior Disclosure ; Customs Value ; and Recordkeeping .

Small Business Cyber Security for UK Small Businesses

With the explosion of cloud computing and general internet online activity (think social media) small businesses need to assess their security from business and compliance perspectives. Small businesses in the UK need to be extra vigilant about cyber security given the increased regulations applicable to personal data and data security. Check out Cyber security: what small businesses need to know published by the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills. The Guidance paper provides a brief overview cyber risks and protection measures. Your UK small business may also review A practical guide to IT security published by the UK Information Commissioner's Office that briefly discusses data security and your obligations under statutory and regulatory regimes.