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Daniel H. Erskine, a New York and Connecticut admitted attorney and solicitor of England and Wales, represents U.S. individuals, companies, joint ventures, foreign businesses, and foreign nationals on complex legal matters under U.S. and U.K. law. ATTORNEY ADVERTISING ADVERTISING MATERIAL

A Methodological Approach to Negotiating International Business Contracts

The United States government has declared increased exports are the path for financial recovery. In particular, the Small Business Administration declared exports are the principal method to buttress American small business. So, how do small businesses effectively negotiate in the international market? Equipping oneself with a negotiation strategy permits a business to maximize benefits and foster relationships—if you use the appropriate method of negotiation. What is the negotiation method a small business should arm itself with to reach an agreement with a foreign company? This article sets out a negotiation strategy, which small businesses may use to effectively enter into the export business and conclude an international agreement. 1. Prepare Preparation is the key element in any negotiation. Familiarize yourself with the other company you desire to do business with and the market place they operate in. Look to the publicly available information about the company. Most fo