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UK Small Business Resource

If you are looking for a resource to find information about small business in the UK, then explore the UK's Enterprise Directorate website specifically about small business The links on the right-hand side of the page lead to helpful information on taxation, finance, and a variety of other business information.

Export Assistance from US Chamber of Commerce

If your interested in starting or growing your small business exports, then take a look at the US Chamber of Commerce's Trade Toolbox The site features county reports, stats, market, and industry reports. A wealth of information for growing your small business export capacity.

Questions about Copyright, Trademark, or Patents?

Take a look at the United States Patent and Trademark office's website specifically devoted to small business The site features explanations, links, and pdf guides addressing may intellectual property issues concerning small business .

Need Information on Different countries around the globe fast?

A great resource for investigating or learning about a country your small business might be interested in trading with or operating in is run by the BBC. Look at individual countries, regions, or international organizations--all in easy to use drop down menus.

Wondering what an SE or European Company is?

Check out the definition of a ' Societas Europaea ' or European Company provided by the UK's Companies House to discover the basic constitution and requires for creating one.

What is the difference between American and UK Business Entities?

Take a look at the variety of business entities a company may utilize in the US by visiting the New York City government's business site Compare the legal structures listed by the New York City government with those discussed on the UK's Companies House website

Exploring Africa for Potential Business?

Check out the resources referenced in the Library of Congress' African Business Guide, which provides both internet and print sources for information concerning the business climate for small business in Africa.

Need Info on Tax Issues related to Small Business?

Take a look at the IRS Small Business specific website for useful information on tax issues facing a small business operating in various fields.

Is Your Small Business Looking to Expand Operations to China?

The US government operates a site that assists small business in all aspects of expanding your business into China . The site contains trade leads, events, and trade policy documents. Take a look at to discover useful information for small business to enter the Chinese market. See if your small business is ready to trade in China and the assistance the US government provides to small business in determining if China is a viable place to export your goods/services.

Looking to Protect Your Connecticut Small Business Against Fraud?

Take a look at what the Connecticut Attorney General advises on methods to avoid fraud in operating your small business. Along with other obstacles faced by small business owners in operating their business, an awareness of harmful fraudulent activities directed to your small business is necessary.