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Barriers to Digital Trade

In January 2017 the Congressional Research Service drafted a report entitled Digital Trade and U.S. Trade Policy . The Report (43 pages long) complies information from across various sectors to describe barriers faced by US companies in exploiting and pursuing digital trade opportunities abroad. The report follows on a US Trade Representative Fact Sheet on Key Barriers to Digital Trade released last year, among several US governmental initiatives to identity and, possibly, remediate trade barriers to digital commerce. The International Trade Administration housed in the US Department of Commerce describes, via their site, foreign trade barriers as "any barrier that impedes a company's ability to trade in a foreign country." The site gives examples of "common trade barriers" to include "Tariff and Customs[;] Service Barriers [;] Standards [;] Testing [;] Labeling [;] Certification [;] Rules of Origin [;] Government Procurement Contracting [;] I