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Choosing a Small Business Structure

Many small business entrepreneurs are faced with the difficult decision of which business structure/entity to house the operations of their small business. The Internal Revenue Service provides a concise break down of different U.S. business structures available to American small business. Whether your small business will elect to be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S corporation, or a limited liability company impacts the governance and taxation of the company. The site features links to short explanatory sections as well as links to tax information and forms.

EU Good practices in SME policy

If you are looking for information about SME (Small and Emerging Enterprises) and the European Union's approach to SME as well as polices related to SME operations at the European Community level, then take a look at the Good practices in SME policy website of the European Commission. On the site you will find links to Applying the Think Small First principle; Simplifying start-up procedures; Internationalisation of SMEs; Education for entrepreneurship; Bankruptcy and fresh start; and Reducing the administrative burden. All of the links provide good information on these essential areas to all SME operations.

What is the National Export Initiative (NEI)?

If you are looking to discover news and information about the new governmental agenda to reform export administration rules and regulations take a look at the National Export Initiative’s website. The site features a fact sheet that concisely explains the key areas of the reform initiative and how such reforms could impact small business. You might also want to check out the Small Business Export Enhancement and International Trade Act of 2009, which is currently pending in the Senate. A summary of the bill is viewable at the following link.